Various Slot Playing Strategies

At first glance, playing slots may seem very easy. Their simplicity is what tricks you, especially as a beginner into thinking that not much is needed to hit a winning combination.

You just have to hit the spin button and keep your fingers crossed, right? Wrong! Even though playing these particular games is almost as easy as pushing a button, the truth is that you won't get very far if you do not implement the right slot strategies.

Play For Free


As it is, learning a game is the best shot at increasing your chances of winning. Top online gambling establishments usually provide demo slots that simulate the actual games. These are absolutely free meaning you won't have to risk anything.

The free games give you a chance to learn more about various slots including their paylines, pay tables, how to trigger bonus rounds among other in-game features. Playing for free is amongst the slot strategies that help you determine which game works well with your style.

Utilize No Deposit Bonuses

It's yet another one of slot strategies that go a long way towards helping you improve your odds. You'll find various no deposit promos available at online betting houses - it's practically free cash. For example, you could receive $20 as bonus money. This allows you to play your favorite slots for longer thus giving you a chance of winning real money.

Additionally, you may be awarded a certain number of spins. Free spins are a great way to test drive a specific slot title and possibly win some extra cash without necessarily spending a penny.

Take Advantage of the Competition

It's no doubt that there is very stiff competition among online betting houses to try to lure new customers. As part of slot strategies, this can be used to the advantage of the player.

Casinos tend to be very generous when it comes to getting you to sign up with them. For example, they will always provide bonuses with low wagering requirements and high cash out limits. Basically, it's a very good opportunity that you do not want to waste.

Avoid the 'Loose Machine' Myth


This can be traced back to the time when mechanical slot machines had defects that would result in more payouts than usual. In the current world 'loose machine' is just a myth. Online slots make use of random number generators that are regularly audited by an independent body. Therefore, if you want to learn how to win, keep the myth out of your head.

Slot Strategies - Types of Bets

You'll come across various slot tips advising you to always place max bets. The logic behind this is - slots have multiple paylines, so when you bet max, you are in a better position to cash out on multiple line winnings.

While this is true, you need to keep in mind that with random number generators, the odds of hitting a perfect combination are all the same; it doesn't matter if you're betting on all paylines or less. As such, placing max bets doesn't necessarily boost your chances of getting a winning combination. Also, remember that all online slots have varying volatility.

High volatility slots don't pay as often as you'd like them to, but when it happens, they have bigger winnings. On the other hand, games with low volatility pay frequently in smaller amounts. Therefore, it would be best to place maximum bets of high volatility games and lower bets on low volatility slots.

With these slot strategies, you stand a better chance of hitting the jackpot.