The Gamble Feature in Microgaming Online Slots

Real life casinos and online casinos are not that different when you consider the fact that you can get a payout of hit the jackpot very early in both the cases. However, there is one thing you cannot get in real life casinos and that is the chance of winning really big. With the online casinos, especially with the microgaming slots games you can have that chance. When you play the gamble feature at any microgaming slots machines you can get the chance of doubling or even quadrupling your money. What is even better is the fact that you can pick your own way of winnings with this.

So, let us see how it works. When you win in any of the microgaming slots machines a gamble button will come onto the screen. All you have to do is to press that button. And if you do not want that, you can always go back to your previous game. This gamble feature works differently with different games. In some cases you will find a series of five face down cards and one face up card. You will have to pick a face down card with higher value than the face up card to win. In most cases, your bet will be double or nothing when playing a microgaming slots games.

Another example of this gamble feature in the microgaming slots games would be guessing the right color of the card. There will be a face down card and if you can guess the color of the card then you can double your win. You can quadruple it if you can guess the correct suit. This gamble feature is very popular. You can use this feature many times to increase your winnings significantly. This also makes the player think that they are winning because of their skills. What is more important, you will not get a chance like this to increase your money this much too often.