Carnival at The Casino

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is one of the most popular festivals worldwide. Loosely founded on ancient religious festivals, Carnival incorporates parades, music, fashion, food, and a variety of other entertainment. Feeding off of the excitement that this festival produces each year, traditional and online casinos have begun to design games that have a Carnival theme. Some of the most popular of these games are slot machines.

Samba Nights

Samba Nights is one of the most popular Carnival-influenced slot machine games on the market. Taking its influence from the so-called Samba dancers, who perform in Rio de Janeiro each year, this casino game is brightly decorated, featuring vibrant colors, feather designs, and pictures of the Samba girls on the reels themselves; in fact, the Samba girl image offers some of the most profitable payouts.

Carnival Slots Winnings

Though they are uniquely decorated, the Carnival games function similarly to other traditional slot machines. Players insert a coin into the machine and pull a lever to spin four different reels with various pictures, and different signs and combinations provide different prizes. For instance, while four Samba Girls will generate a big cash payout, turning up a beach image will result in additional free spins.

Just like Carnival, these inspired slot machines also offer up a significant amount of fanfare. For example, after a big win, the machines will display animated fireworks in celebration, and there are number of different cartoons and animated graphics featured throughout play. These games can be found online or in a traditional casino.