Loose Slot Machines

Loose slot machines are some of the most coveted and elusive aspects of any casino. Some believe that these machines guarantee a big payout, while others question whether their existence is actually a myth. What follows is some information about the definitions, locations, and attractiveness of loose slot machines.

What is a Loose Slot?

Loose slot machines are essentially those that allegedly offer more wins more often. Generally, slot machines are programmed to provide a certain number of wins based on the amount of use that machine receives. Often the play to win ratio is very high; in other words, a person would have to stay at a machine for hours and hours before they would see a win. Loose slot machines, however, are considered somewhat faulty by casino owners, in that they do not maintain the proper ratio of payouts to playing time, meaning that gamblers have better odds of winning.

Locations of Loose Slot Machines

Some avid gamblers will travel far and wide to play a loose slot machine. Players have claimed that these machines exist in both Las Vegas and Atlantic City, though no one has been able to pin down exact locations of the slot machines. The mystery surrounding these loose slots contributes to the opinion held by many that loose slots themselves are simply a myth.

Even though their locations and very existence have not been fully proven, loose slots still maintain an appeal due to the notion that they can pay close to 100% more per win than a properly configured machine. With that amount of increased profitability, many gamblers find that a trip to Vegas or Atlantic City to find one of these machines is worth the risk.