Fruit Machine Slots

One of the most recognizable images in classic slots games is the reels spinning to land on three pairs of cherries: the jackpot. The classic fruit machine slots game was one of the first designs popularized in casinos around the world. Today, it can be played still in live casinos or even online.

Classic Design

The classic fruit machine slots game features all of the familiar images from the traditional game. Players are able to match up oranges, cherries, limes, melons, and apples across three simple reels. Instead of pulling a hand crank, the modern game allows players to spin with merely the touch of a button. A random number generator ensures that players will win a certain number of times, giving the game even more excitement. Small wins add up, and those three cherries are not impossible to match.

Nudging the Jackpot

The classic game also features an old way of playing slots games. Each time the reels come to rest, the player can choose to hold one or more of the reels and nudge the others to increase the chances of winning. Each nudge costs an extra bet, but because one or two of the reels are already set, the odds are in the player's favor to result in a win. Depending on the game this nudge can be done multiple times, each for a set wager.

The classic fruit slots evoke the feel of traditional slot machine games with their retro styling and traditional rules. Players who have long been fans of slot games will love playing this throwback of a game.